So.. hey! I don’t know if anyone is even ever going to read this.. but even if one person reads this and can identify with it so be it!

So a little bit about me..

  • I’m 22
  • I live in the Midlands, UK
  • I am a total country girl! I follow the local hunt, grew up on a farm and own a horse, dog and ferret
  • I suffer with anxiety, depression and stress. I’m just learning how to manage these and am hoping to blog my journey to ‘recovery’
  • Few people realise that I suffer with Mental Health issues as I am outwardly a very bubbly, happy person who is always there for everybody and the life and soul of everything

Having previously had counselling and taken anti-anxiety/depression medication on and off I have recently suffered a fairly big relapse. Some of this I feel is due to situations within my life, some of this no doubt due to how I am programmed as a person. I’m here trying to stay strong and keep going but sometimes I break. Panic attacks and dark thoughts begin to take over and it is only so long until I break. My hope someday is that I will have ways to deal with these moments before they become overwhelming.

Coping mechanisms are things that I am still trying to develop. My horse, dog, ferret and generally being physical outside are currently my escapes. When I am focussed on these things the noise in my head has to stop as I have to focus 100% on what I’m doing. I’m hoping to blog my journey of finding ways to continue with my normal life whilst also dealing with my feelings.

So! Enough about me now! I’m sure you’ll all have got bored of reading by now!

Hopefully will have something else to blog soon!!